Fleas & Ticks Aren’t Just Found On Pets

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January 30, 2018
Keep your pets safe in Boynton Beach

Of all the pests that you can invade your residence, tiny blood-sucking ones like ticks and fleas are often the most annoying. Eventually they always let you know they are around by biting you, your family and your pets. Fleas, in particular, reproduce rapidly, turning a small problem into a huge one, seemingly overnight.

Quite often, home treatments for fleas and ticks don’t work simply because the immature stages of these pests are easy to overlook. For one thing, fleas often enter the home mysteriously. They might also have found their way into your residence piggybacked on a mouse or other type of rodent finding shelter beneath your porch or within your walls. Since both types of blood-sucking pests need a live host to survive, these pests might easily jump from one animal or human being to another.

Removal Process

  • Identification. Our experience techs perform an inspection of your home, allowing them to identify the problem. Their findings enable them to create a targeted plan of action to effectively remove the pests from your property.
  • Formulate a treatment plan.
  • Targeted actions. How can this problem be prevented in the future?
  • Maintenance control.
Let one of our techs come out today to help you identify the problem. Don’t let your home get invaded by unwanted visitors!

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